Vista de Buenos-Ayres. Lithograph. Louis aka Louis Le Breton Lebreton, or Isidore Laurent Deroy.

Vista de Buenos-Ayres. Lithograph.

Buenos Aires: Circa 1860. Restrike handcolored lithograph or collotype Collotype after the lithograph on rag paper. 23 x 38 cm image on 34.5 x 50cm. sheet.

Le Breton studied medicine and took part in Dumont d'Urville's second voyage aboard the Astrolabe. After the official illustrator of the expedition died, Le Breton replaced him
Isidore Laurent Deroy:
Painter, draughtsman and lithographer, born in Paris, pupil of Cassas and Félix, lithographs exhibited at the Salon 1827-1866. Father and teacher of Emile Deroy and Auguste-Victor Deroy. Item #16-3969

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