Item #16-4714 Mr. Turveydrop from Bleak House. Original watercolor. Original watercolor. Frederic George Lewin.

Mr. Turveydrop from Bleak House. Original watercolor. Original watercolor.

London: circa 1850s. Watercolor. 26.5 x 19cm... On board.

Turveydrop, Mr ( Bleak House ) PIX Owner of a dance academy on Newman Street and a "model of deportment." His son, Prince, gives dancing lessons and supports his father. He was a fat old gentleman with a false complexion, false teeth, false whiskers, and a wig. He had a fur collar, and he had a padded breast to his coat, which only wanted a star or a broad blue ribbon to be complete. He was pinched in, and swelled out, and got up, and strapped down, as much as he could possibly bear. He had such a neckcloth on (puffing his very eyes out of their natural shape), and his chin and even his ears so sunk into it, that it seemed as though be must inevitably double up if it were cast loose. He had under his arm a hat of great size and weight, shelving downward from the crown to the brim, and in his hand a pair of white gloves with which he flapped it as he stood poised on one leg in a high-shouldered, round-elbowed state of elegance not to be surpassed. He had a cane, he had an eye-glass, he had a snuff-box, he had rings, he had wristbands, he had everything but any touch of nature; he was not like youth, he was not like age, he was not like anything in the world but a model of deportment.....The humorous illustrator Frederick George Lewin worked for the Bristol Magpie and Bristol Evening Post and contributed to Punch magazine (1902-08). One of his main publishers was E.W. Savory Ltd. of Bristol, who produced these advertising calendars for the Yorkshire textile company Sam Weller, appropriately using characters from Pickwick Papers. Lewin was a member of the Royal West of England Academy and the Bristol Savage Club, and he wrote and illustrated Rhymes of Ye Olde Sign Boards (1911) and others. In 1912 Lewin provided the illustrations for Characters from Dickens. His light-hearted drawings of Dickensian characters also featured on cigarette cards and postcards. Item #16-4714

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