Item #51-1295 Quarry Works. Raymond Granite, Co., Inc. Knowles, Calif. 19th Century California Photographer.
19th Century California Photographer

Quarry Works. Raymond Granite, Co., Inc. Knowles, Calif.

Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century. Silver print. Panorama. 8 x 42 inches. Provenance: Peter Howard, Berkeley.

"The well known 'Raymond' granite quarries near Raymond, in Madera County, not only are and have been for a number of years the most important mineral industry of the county, but they are also an important factor in the state's production. As has already been noted… these deposits of workable building stone are located in the western edge of the Sierra foothills. There are two quarries about 1 mile apart (circa 1914), on the east side of a small valley, about 2 miles east of Raymond, which is the terminus of the Berenda-Raymond branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Both quarries are served by spur tracks from this branch line. It is now recognized that this stone is not excelled by any other building granite found either in this state or elsewhere. It is noted for its beautiful white color, the fineness and uniformity of its texture, its weathering qualities, and its freeness in working. As to this last named feature, it lends itself readily to all classes of fine structural carving."

1998 Observer:
"Raymond is an interesting little place. It used to be a large, bustling town in the late 1800s because a railroad spur was built to it and stage coaches were used to carry passengers to Yosemite. Later another railroad track was built in from Merced in 1907, and Raymond lost all of the tourist business to Yosemite. Of all the buildings built then, only a few are left; and everything built for the railroad is gone except for a monument across the street from the store about the Wild Cat Station, Raymond, CA. (There is another monument in front of Hills Pride Inn about the town of Knowles.) Luckily for Raymond someone had discovered the granite nearby in 1886, so the granite business helped keep Raymond alive - only the town didn’t flourish as much as during the Yosemite times." Item #51-1295

Price: $450.00

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