Item #51-2502 P. G. Wodehouse. A Comprehensive Bibliography and Checklist. Eileen McIlvane, Louise S. Sherby, James H. Heineman.

P. G. Wodehouse. A Comprehensive Bibliography and Checklist.

Detroit: Omnigraphics, 1990 (Alan Wofsy Fine Arts distribution). 4to. xlx, 494 pp. 8.5 x 11 inches. New condition.
Cloth in dust-jacket. This comprehensive bibliography and check list opens wide the doors to the books, plays, verse, short stories and lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse. This volume is directed to the scholar, the researcher, the collector, the casual reader and, not least, to the fan of the man whom 20th century literary giants have called "The Master." This one book encompasses literary genius and creativity produced, honed and chiseled seven days a week for close to 80 years.
Wodehouse's literary and theatrical works stand almost unequalled in quality and quantity. He has introduced words and characters permanently into English and other languages, and these words have maintained their distinct meaning. Few works of 20th century authors have so outlived· their creators in such an extensive measure.
If Wodehouse had a fault, it was his failure to keep permanent records of his works. He was careless about saving manuscripts, he made no copies of letters he wrote on his old monarch typewriter (and yet he answered every letter he received); in short he was more interested in work at hand than what had gone before.
The task set by his bibliographers was daunting. But, with the same perseverance and skill shown by Wodehouse, his bibliographers searched, researched, checked, re-checked, distilled and succeeded in verifying every fact in this volume.
There exists no volume of this fullness on Wodehouse. There is none as thoroughly and arduously researched, nor as complete. Item #51-2502
ISBN: 087008125X

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