Della fisica dell' eccell. dott. e cau. m. Leonardo Fiorauanti Bolognese : diuisa in libri quattro : nelli quali si discorrono molte, & diuerse materie molto importanti. Original edition. [Alchemy]

Venice: "Per Giacomo Didini" [colophon: "Per Il Zattoni"], 1678. 8vo (140 x 98mm). Half title, woodcut device on title, headpieces, initials and ornaments, final text leaf [Z6] with "Il Fine del Quarto, et Ultimo Libro" and the Register on recto and list of the author's works on the verso ([p.366]), followed by a blank (some light mainly marginal staining towards the beginning, otherwise a remarkably bright fresh copy). Later vellum, title in modern manuscript on the spine and in old manuscript on lower edges. The work was first published in Venice in 1582.

Italian Alchemist born in Bologna around the year 1518 and died in 1588 in his hometown.

His relationship with Spain began in 1548 when it exercised in Palermo and Naples, where he was the favorite physician of the Spanish rulers. Already by then gathered to practice at home "alchimisti di diversi nationi". In 1551 the viceroy of Naples, Pedro de Toledo, made him doctor of Chamber of his son, and with this embarked for Africa in the fleet of Carlos V. At the turn of this expedition he settled in Bologna, where he agreed to doctoral degree and received the title of count. By then, he devised a balm that, according to its author, cured cases of poisoning by arsenic. By 1576 and 1577 was in Spain, being the main parecelsista of those who were connected with the "Pharmacy" in El Escorial, as Diego's Santiago. He devoted to Felipe II, his work Della physical (1592), one of whose books is devoted to Alchemy; through this one can reconstruct details of their stay in Spain.

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