Je crois vous avoir prouvé que mon client a été trompé par sa femme. (Les Gens de Justice). Honoré Daumier.

Je crois vous avoir prouvé que mon client a été trompé par sa femme. (Les Gens de Justice)

Paris: 1864. Limited edition reproduction. 38 x 31 cm. sheet size. One of 500 numbered copies on rag paper. A lawyer suggests that enough evidence has been given to demonstrate that his client was cheated on and deceived by his wife; meanwhile, the client sadly listens to the proceedings. Drawing for Delteil 3278.LES MOMENTS DIFFICILES DE LA VIE, a series of 7 prints numbered from 1 to 6, (nr. 6 was used twice). The series appeared between March 12 and July 6,1864 in the CHARIVARI. In plate 2 and 6 the series title is "LES MOMENS DIFFICILES DE LA VIE" (the "T" is missing). Daumier must have been quite familiar with the old judicial system in France. Normally three judges were required in a hearing, accompanied by the D.A. "Procureur Impérial". The jury was usually seated along a side wall while the prisoner's bench was placed opposite to the judges. In important cases, the prisoner was flanked by two policemen. The defending advocate usually was seated in front of the prisoner, facing the judges. The hearings were open to the public and represented a welcome entertainment to Parisians, free of charge. The judges, as well as the Procureur Impérial were appointed by the Ministry of Justice and were not always free from political influence and conviction. The prosecutor held the rank of a magistrate, but wore slightly different robes than the judges. Item #51-3254

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