Item #51-4614 Original photograph of Jeanne Bucher writing, with verso manuscript. Thérèse Bonney.
Bonney, Thérèse (1894-1978)

Original photograph of Jeanne Bucher writing, with verso manuscript.

Paris: Circa 1930s. Silver print. 21 x 15 cm. Titled verso by Bonney with wet stamp and printed description. .. with Jeanne Bucher (1925 — 1946)

The gallery, founded in 1925 by Jeanne Bucher (1872-1946) , was one of the most vivid artistic centers in Paris between the period of great ferment in the mid-1920s and the end of the Second World War, presenting without compromise all the trends whether they were cubist, post-cubist, surrealist, primitivist or abstra...Provenance from the Collection of Thérèse Bonney : Educated at Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia, and the Sorbonne, Bonney settled in Paris in 1919 to pursue photography and promote cultural exchange between France and the United States. The outbreak of World War II appalled Bonney, who believed the conflict threatened European civilization itself. Of her "truth raids" into the countryside to document the horror of war, Bonney said: "I go forth alone, try to get the truth and then bring it back and try to make others face it and do something about it."
Not content with publishing solely in mass-circulation newspapers and magazines, Bonney sought other opportunities to present her work. She published the photo-essay books "War Comes to the People" (1940) and "Europe's Children" (1943) and mounted one-woman shows at the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art, and dozens of museums overseas. Bonney's concept for a film about children displaced by war became the Academy Award- winning movie, "The Search" (1948). A media star herself, Bonney was the heroine of a wartime comic book, "Photofighter."....

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