Sixteen prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.

San Francisco, Calif.: Alan Wofsy Fine Arts, 2010.
Orig. From Fine Prints of the Year. London and New York, 1923-1938.
PDF file containing high-resolution images of the following prints, originally reproduced in Fine Prints of the Year: Wreckage; Landlopers; The Chess Players; Place St. Gervais, Falaise; Avignon, from the Rhône; Les Arcades, Dieppe; The Fallen Star; Morning on the Seine; The Reading Room; Gleaners; Pan in Fulham; The Hedger; Sheep-Dipping; Brook Farming; Hurdle Makers; Wind-swept Corn. File deliverable by e-mail. A complete illustrated index to Fine Prints of the Year, 1923-1938, is available (catalogue no. 320-7). This item is printed on demand. Requires Adobe Reader or similar program to view. Item #62-0005

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