Item #71-5214 Une Amazone, par Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. First Edition. Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Francois le Villian, After, Lithographer.

Une Amazone, par Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. First Edition.

Paris: Imprimerie De J. Didot, L’Aine, Imprimeur Du Roi, 1822. Original lithograph on chine colle. 52.5 x 34 cm (sheet). Very Good, some foxing, mostly in the margins.
As published in “Galerie de son Altesse Royale Madame la Duchesse de Berry. Ecole Francaise. Peintres Modernes. Ouvrage Dedie a son Altesse Royale et Lithographie par d’Habiles Artistes sous la Direction de M. Le Chevalier Bonnemaison, Membre de la Legion d’Honneur, Directeur de la Restauration des Tableaux du Musee Royal, et Conservateur de la Galerie de son Altesse Royale”...
Marie Caroline Ferdinande Louise de Bourbon-Sicile, Duchesse de Barry; Daughter of Francis, Duke of Calabria, later King of the two Sicilies; m. Charles Ferdinand Duc de Berry (son of Charles X) in 1816. Mother of Henri Duc de Bordeaux, exiled with the rest of the court in 1830, came back clandestinely in April 1832 in an attempt to place her son on the throne with her as a regent. Arrested and imprisoned in November 1832, freed in 1833 and sent to Palermo; she settled in Austria where she died...
She commissioned a series of 250 lithographs reproducing paintings from the collection of the Duc de Berry. The plates were published from 1822, and two volumes binding the plates together were issued in 1824 and 1826. Item #71-5214

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