Item #73-2307 Elizabeth Taylor. Alain Cinquini.

Elizabeth Taylor

St. Paul: Alain Cinquini, 1996. 22x15 cm. Color photo. Very Good.

Alain Cinquini (1941-2021), photographer
L'Est Républicain - Nov. 04, 2012: [Article on Alain Cinquini] It all started when he came across Yves Montand, Paul Newman and their respective wives. "I went to ask them to take a picture. Newman didn't want to. Simone Signoret told me that it was good to have asked... Montand understood that I would be there, at the exit of the restaurant, and practically organized a session by showing the mountain to Paul Newman. ...Alain Cinquini takes his first photo of stars; that he does not exhibit for several days. It was on the advice of a friend that he finally made contact with the Gamma agency. The beginning of a great career... In a quarter o a century, Alain Cinquini will take between 80,000 and 100,000 shots of the greatest stars, becoming one of the essential independent photographers in the south of France and Monaco... He will maintain privileged relations with stars cinema and artists like Armand or César, among others. In short, an exemplary career during which he will never steal an image and will never violate the privacy of his clients." Quite the opposite of the paparazzi as we understand it today: "I have a way of working, with respect for people, probably because I was brought up that way. Some of my colleagues sometimes wondered how I managed to get certain photos. It was simply because I was seen well, that I was doing my job correctly. And with correction... Having a good reputation, in this environment, it counts, it opens doors. Item #73-2307

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