To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous Wasmuth Portfolio of 1910 (Studies and Executed Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright), which introduced the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to Europe in a deluxe publication of original lithographs, we have produced a limited edition facsimile of Frank Lloyd Wright’s never-before-published sketchbook of 1910, which served as the maquette for the Wasmuth portfolio: The Florence Sketchbook of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1910.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL-COLOR BROCHURE in PDF format to view actual images of this sumptuous Collector's Item.

The Florence Sketchbook of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1910 is limited to 450 numbered copies. 48 leaves, 10-3/4 x 15-3/8 inches (27 x 39 cm), in a cloth portfolio.

Published in 2010 by: Wittenborn Art Books

Copyright © 2010 the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona. The red square is a trademark of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Used with permission.



We have also published an illustrated catalogue of the original Wasmuth Portfolio lithographs that are available from our inventory. Click here to download the catalogue.

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