Terms of Sale

Trade Policy

1) Prepayment is required for initial orders and for purchasers who do not respect payment terms. In the alternative, payment can be guaranteed with Visa, MasterCard or AmEx. These will be charged only if payment is not made when due.

2) Payment for established accounts is 30 days in the USA and 60 days overseas. No discount is allowed for payments that are not made on time. Payments may be made by credit card as well as by checks and wire payment.

3) Discounts are established to encourage the sale of multiple copies of our books. Booksellers who take orders from customers who are responding to our own marketing do not receive maximum discounts.

Discount schedule for distributed books and titles

1 copy for own reference library   10%
1 copy of one or more titles for resale   20%
Multiple copies of a title: 2 copies   25%
3 copies   30%
6 copies   40%
25 copies   45%
50 copies   50%
Under $500   20%
Over $500   30%
Over $1000   35%
Over $2000   40%
Over $4000   50%

Titles may be mixed for the maximum discount with an average of 2 copies per title.

4) Currency. We can bill in Euros (€), SFr and British £.

5) Pre-publication. We sometimes offer special prices for pre-publication orders. These are invalid after publication.

5) Returns. Our books are not returnable. They are sold only to knowledgeable buyers. Returns can only be accepted with a 20% service charge (provided books are still saleable).

7) FOB. Most shipments of new books originate from our warehouse in Ashland, OH 44805. Art and antiquarian works are shipped from San Francisco.

Shipping Policy and costs

USA: $6 for first volume, $3 for each additional volume. Overnight delivery costs more.
Foreign: DHL, Fedex, or Airborne.

Wire Payments

For U.S. Dollars: Wire Payment Address:

Wire Payment Address:
Wells Fargo Bank - SWIFT Code: WFBIUS6S
ABA Routing No. 121 000 248 Credit the account of:
Alan Wofsy Fine Arts LLC, Acct No. 3802064141


For Euros: Wire Payment Address:

IBAN: GB61BARC20474266810266
Account no: 204742668102664 
Account holder: Alan Wofsy
Barclays Bank
1 Churchill Place
London,E14 5HP


Fax a copy of your wire receipt for faster service