Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? Eric Bentley, William Devane, author, Director.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?

Washington, D.C.: Ford's Theater, 1975. Poster on card stock. 21 x 13.5 inches. Water stain near hammer and sickle
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?
Written by Eric Bentley
September 19 - October 26, 1975

The subject of this riveting and unusual drama is the infamous HUAC hearings in the 1950's, in which figures from the world of show business were subpoenaed to testify as to their loyalty as Americans and asked to name any and all communists or suspected communists in their industry. Assembled directly from the transcripts of the hearings, the play uses the actual words spoken by the likes of Lionel Stander, Abe Burrows, Lillian Hellman, Larry Parks, Elia Kazan, Jerome Robbins and Jose Ferrer. Equally revealing are the questions asked by the committee members. Eric Bentley
Eric Bentley

Eric Bentley was born in England in 1916, became an American citizen in 1948, in 1998 was inducted into the (American) Theatre Hall of Fame, and in 2011 won a gold medal from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. From the collection of the Russian theater historian, Alma Law. Item #16-2752

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