A series of facsimile reprints of books that were influential in the development of Western Art and in the cultural awakening in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Edited by the late Theodore Besterman, author of the World Bibliography of Bibliographies and Director of the Institut et Musée Voltaire in Geneva.

Printed in an edition of 500 copies on acid-free 300-year paper. Bound in decorative wrappers in matching slipcases.



Accolti, Pietro. Lo Inganno de gl'Occhi,
Prospettiva Practica. (Perspective for Arists).

Florence, 1625. (ltal.) 168 pp.
$50.00. ISBN 0-915346-60-5
An important contribution to the theory
of perspective and vanishing points.
(Brunet VI, 495).
Barbet, Jean. Livre d' Architecture d' Autels, et
de Cheminées. (Architecture of Altars and Chimneys)
Paris, 1633. (Fr.) 2 vols: 40, 24 pp.
$55.00. ISBN 0-915346-59-1.
One of the earliest "pattern books" of designs
for use by artisans. Engravings by Abraham
Bosse (Graesse 1, 289).
Aglionby, William. Painting llustrated in
Three Dialogues
. London, 1685. 418 pp.
$60.00. ISBN 0-915346-50-8.
Includes the first English translation of
Giorgio Vasari's writings on the lives of
eminent artists. (Wing, STC 764).
Bartoli, Cosimo. Del Modo di Misurare. (On Measurement) Venice, 1564. (Ital.) 294 pp. $50.00. ISBN 0-915346-67-2
An important contribution to art and architecture,
which applied Euclidian geometry to measurement and perspective. (Graesse 1, 303).
Alberti, Leone Battista. De Pictura Praestantissima. (On Painting). Basel, 1540.
(Lat.) 128 pp. $35.00. ISBN 0-915346-55-9.
The first modem theory of painting to promote modern practices without suppressing individualism. (Brunet I, 131).
Camilli, Camillo. Imprese Illustri di Diversi.
(Impressions of Famous Men)
. Venice, 1586.
(Ital.) 3 vols: 18, 96. 56 pp. $55.00.
ISBN 0-915346-66-4.
Illustrated with a series of miniature copper
engravings by Girolamo Porro. (Brunet I, 1514).
Aringhi, Paolo. Roma Subterranea Novissima.
(The Catacombs of Rome)
. Paris,
1659. (Lat.) 2 vols: 386, 418 pp. $160.00.
ISBN 0-915346-61-3.
Provided Renaissance artists with the elabo-
rate mass of symbols used in early Christian
rites. (Brunet 1, 423).
Desgodetz, Antoine. Les Edifices Antiques de
Rome. (The Ancient Buildings of Rome)
. Paris,
1682. (Fr.) 324 pp. $135.00.
ISBN 0-915346-49-4.
The first work to depict in architectural detail
the ruined buildings of classical Rome. (Brunet II, 625).
Bellori, Giovanni P. Le Amiche Lucerne.
(Ancient Funerary Lamps)
. Rome, 1691.
(Ital.) 3 vols: 96, 108, 80 pp. $60.00.
ISBN 0-915346-70-2.
Describes the ancient funerary lamps found
in the catacombs of Rome. Engravings by
Pierro Santi Bartoli. (Brunet I, 759).
Dondé, Antoine. Les Figures et I'Abbregé de la
vie, de la mort, et des miracles de Saint Fran
çois de Paule Paris, 1671. (Fr.) 258 pp.
$50.00. ISBN 0-915346-64-8
Sketches the life of the influential religious
ascetic. Engravings by Bosse, Le Pautre, and others. (Brunet II, 809).
Dürer, Albrecht. Underweysung der Messungmit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt. (A Course in the Art of Measurement with Compass and Ruler). Nuremburg, 1525. (Ger.) 180 pp. $65.00. ISBN 0-915346-52-4.
Record's Dürer's final theories of art. The
first work to provide German artists with
both theoretical and practical methods of
utilizing geometry and instruments in
drawing. (Brunet II, 912).
Gautier, Henri. L'Art de Laver, ou Nouvelle Manière de Peindre sur le Papier. (Watercolor Painting). Lyon, 1687. (Fr.) 154 pp. $30.00. ISBN 0-915346-63-X
One of the earliest European works on the
techniques of using watercolors.
Fabretti, Raffaelo. De Aquis et Aquaeductibus
Veteris Romae. (Aqueducts of Ancient
. Rome, 1680. (Lat.) 216 pp.
$50.00. ISBN 0-915346-51-6
Compares the aqueducts and topography of
Rome with the classical printed texts of the
day. (Brunet II, 1148).
Junius, Franciscus. De Picture Veterum Libri
Tres. (Renaissance Artists)
. Amsterdam,
1637. (Lat.) 354 pp. $60.00. ISBN 0-915346-68-0
An early attempt to catalogue the major
Renaissance artists and their work. (Brunet
III, 600
Félibien des Avaux, André.