Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Paintings, Pastels and Drawings. Tableaux, Pastels et Dessins. Revision of the 2 volume, 1918 edition. By Ambroise Vollard. Text in French & English. 400 pages, with 1,759 illustrations. 1989. (ISBN 1-55660-041-0).

The most comprehensive illustrated compilation of Renoir’s works, many of which are not reproduced elsewhere. This new edition combines the original two volumes into one and adds consecutive numbers for the 1,072 works that had not previously been numbered. Vollard’s introduction is an interview with the master, which is here translated for the first time.


Renoir’s Atelier. L’Atelier de Renoir. Revision of the 1931 edition. By Messrs. Bernheim-Jeune. Forwards by Albert André and Marc Elder. Text in French & English. 304 pages, with 720 illustrations. 1989. (ISBN 1-55660-033-X).

When he died at his villa “Les Collettes” in Cagnes in 1919, Renoir left a considerable number of paintings and drawings in his atelier. The renowned art dealers, Messrs. Josse and Gaston Bernheim-Jeune, took on the responsibility to catalogue Renoir’s collection of his own work. In 1932, they published a complete illustrated catalogue in two volumes. Renoir’s friend Albert André and the critic Marc Elder also contributed essays. This new edition combines the two volumes into one, and adds English language translations of the two essays.


Renoir’s Etchings and Lithographs. L’Œuvre Gravé et Lithographié. Catalogue Raisonné. Revised Edition. By Loys Delteil. Revised by Alan Hyman. Text in French & English. 152 pages; fully illustrated. 1999. (ISBN 1-55660-293-6).

Text primarily in French with revisions and additions in English. A revised edition of the standard catalogue raisonné of the artist’s graphic work, originally published in 1923. This new edition is updated in light of the subsequent catalogues of Roger-Marx, Johnson, Melot, Stella and major auction houses. The color works are reproduced in color, sometimes in several states.


Renoir’s Life & Work. La Vie et l’Œuvre de Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Reprint of the 1919 edition. By Ambroise Vollard. Text in French. 376 pages, with 229 illustrations. 2000. (ISBN 1-55660-294-4).

Ambroise Vollard published this work on December 15, 1919, just 12 days after the master had died in his villa at Cagnes-sur-Mer in the south of France, at the age of 78. In addition to the verbatim conversations on art and commerce between Renoir and Vollard, this work also includes more than 400 illustrations, many of which have not been reproduced elsewhere. This is a valuable memoir and catalogue of the artist’s work by his major dealer and chronicler.