Picasso Project Errata and Addenda

The Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings and Sculpture

The Blue Period, 1902-1904 - ISBN: 1-55660327-4
   - Table of Contents. Chronology begins on page xvi, not xiii as listed.
   - 1901/02-005. Reference is to a Marina Picasso Collection number--does not appear in the Munich catalogue listed in this volumes bibliography.
   - 1902-143. Image published is a reproduction from the printed page from El Liberal. Below is the image of the original work.

1902-143 Portrait of Sebastià Junyer Vidal
   Published in El Liberal October 16, 1902, Black chalk, 11 x 9.3
   Richardson I, p. 248; Kornfeld 6/22/2001, #120

Spanish Civil War, 1937-1939 (First Edition ISBN 1-55660-262-6 and Second Edition ISBN 1-55660-336-3)
Z. VIII, 350 in the Concordance should be 37-067.
 Nazi Occupation, 1940-1944 - ISBN 1-55660-236-7 (First Edition)
44-150 is Zervos XIV,030; 44-151 is Zervos XIV, 033; 44-152 is Zervos, XIV,037
(These and many other corrections and additions are included  in the 2nd edition (ISBN 1-55660-333-9), published February 2013)

The Sixties I, 1960-1963
- ISBN: 1-55660-303-7
   - Catalogue nos. 63-257, 63-258 and 63-259 should have the title L’étreinte.
   - Catalogue nos. 63-257 and 63-258 are linocuts washed in India Ink and then rinsed, rather than drawings on linocuts. A fuller discussion of this technique  appears in The Complete Linoleum Cuts, 1939-1968 - ISBN: 1-55660-329-0

The Sixties II, 1964-1967 - ISBN: 1-55660-304-5
   - Catalogue nos. 1964-360, 1964-361, 1964-362 and 1964-363 should have the title Two Women Bathing


The Graphic Work

The Printed Graphic Work (Revised Bloch)   1966 – 1969   ISBN: 1-55660-315-0

   - Bloch 1836. The subject is Françoise Gilot not Jacqueline Roque.
 The Lithographic Work II (Revised Mourlot)     1949–1969  ISBN: 1-55660-325-8
   - Mourlot 279; State I. The correct date in April 7, 1956, as shown in the reproduction. The erroneous date given of December 5, 1958 is for the second state, M. 279; State II.

The Complete Linoleum Cuts, 1939-1968 -
ISBN: 1-55660-329-0

L-178 . Baer, 1367 states that this work is printed letterpress (typographiquement) in nine variant impressions from the printing plate used for an advertisement page in  Le Patriote (Nice) newspaper, that Picasso had reworked. Ernst Beyeler, Picasso's long time dealer, stated that it was in fact linocut in his 1970 exhibition catalogue, which exhibition was held during Picasso's lifetime.